Thursday, May 1, 2008

Ways to Relieve Stress...

This morning at my Moms Club meeting we had a guest speaker to talk to us about ways to relieve stress. I thought that I would share.

  • Don't rely on your memory
  • anticipate needs (stock up)
  • Allow extra time
  • never wear ill fitting clothes or shoes
  • be prepared to wait
  • find the humor in the situation
  • ask questions
  • avoid self-medication
  • tackle one event at a time
  • schedule time for relaxation and fun and stick to it
  • learn the gentle art of saying NO
  • Learn to accept what you cannot change
  • shun the superman/superwoman urge
  • laugh
  • use aroma therapy
  • don't be a perfectionist
  • stay way from people, situations, and topics of conversation that upset you and make you tense
  • de-clutter your environment
  • fix things that don't work or get rid of them
  • count you blessings


Cindy said...

Some of these made me laugh, like "avoid self-medication"! I need to work on "be prepared to wait". I am too impatient!

Mama G said...

Yeah I really like "avoid self-medication", i wonder if chocolate and soda counts, cuz i'm not giving that up!

Samantha said...

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