Friday, May 23, 2008

Grant's Farm

Today the kids and I went to Grant's Farm with some of our new Moms Club friends. It was a great day to go, it wasn't too hot. The kids had a blast and the Moms had a blast chatting!

The kids had fun riding the tram. Here are some animals that we saw along the way.
(This is a Scottish Highland Cow)

The kids got bottles of milk to feed the goats. Good thing we did because I think that the goats would have held them hostage or something (they were very aggressive goats!)
I didn't get any pictures of Will with the goats for obvious reasons, they would have ATE him!
(in the middle picture the goat has Caroline's shirt in his mouth and she is trying to get it away from him!) After Caroline's milk bottle was gone, she opted for a brush and brushed the goats that were full or something (they didn't attack you for the milk!)

Poor little Charlie didn't so much like the attack goats! These two went head to head I think!

We enjoyed walking around and looking at all of the other animals. But the excitement of the day came when they got their frozen lemonade! Here is Caroline with friends, Charlie and Gracie enjoying their frozen treats.

And what would be a trip to Grant's Farm without seeing the Clydesdales!! Grant's Farm is where the Anheuser-Busch company keeps there Clydesdales. You've seen them before...

(photo taken opening day, 2005 at the New Busch Stadium)

But today we got to see them up close!!

They are massive creatures, there is a woman standing behind the horse brushing it.

Here is a shot of just how cute they are!!

Oh, and Will was there!! He just didn't make it into many pictures. So here is one of him and I.

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