Monday, April 7, 2008

Weight Update

Today Will had an appointment with Cassie, his dietician. We had not been to see her for two months. That was when Will was switched from the baby formula to the pediasure.

So today was a follow up. She checked his weight and he had not even gained an ounce! Boo! We were hoping that since the pediasure was higher calorie that he would gain weight faster than before. Not the case.

She thought that maybe the no weight gain was because Will is more active now and he is burning more calories. Nonetheless, he needs more calories. We are now going to add the duocal to his pediasure. If you remember, we had to add the duocal to his formula. Duocal is a calorie adding powder that mixes into the pediasure and doesn't have a taste. He doesn't even know that it is in there.

So we have an appointment with Dr. Brady next month and we will re-evaluate then. Cassie is the dietician at Dr. Brady's office so the two of them can discuss our plan of action at that time. We are hoping that Will gains some weight by then, if not we may have to add a feed while he is sleeping, through his feeding tube. I would really prefer to avoid doing this because I think that it will be pretty difficult to have Will attached to a pump while he is trying to sleep.

On a positive note, Cassie was very happy that we have not had to tube feed William in over month and a half. She thought that was a really good sign.

Please pray for weight gain!!

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Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

Wow no tube feeding, I cant even imagine! Great job Will!!!!

I know what you mean about not wanting to use the pump, I have always declined the use of it, only becasue it is one more thing abnormal in our life.

Praying for weight gain!