Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Miralax Miracle

Miralax is a pooping miracle!! I gave Will his first dose today and within 30 minutes of drinking it he was going. And he went, and went, and went, and went some more. I think the kid has gone more today then he has his entire life. And, as if I haven't told you enough already, he could go without straining. I am very pleased with the fast results, as so is Will!


Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

Yeah for poop!!!!!!!

Michelle said...

Isn't it the best?!?! I love how it says "it may take a few days to begin to work". Ummm, yeah right! Austin ALWAYS goes within an hour or two depending on how constipated he is. I'm so glad this worked for you and Will is more comfortable (and lighter! LOL) now.