Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Look what Caroline grew!

Last week at school the theme was "Spring". As a project the kids decorated a flower pot and then planted a tulip bulb.

Caroline's tulip bloomed today! She was so proud. I was proud that I managed to not kill it within a week!


Mama G said...

I hadn't checked your blog in a bit and was so excited to see all you had posted, you are so good at keeping it updated! I was looking at both of our age things on our blogs and realized Caroline and Gracie must be almost the same age...when is her b-day? Is she going to kindergarten this year? And our boys are pretty close in age too. I was watching Charlie today when he went over and handed Will a toy he had just slobbered nice!

Mama G said...

I clicked on it before I was done....anyway, we really should get our kids together, i think they'd have a good time.....:)