Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Follow up appointment today

Will had a renal ultrasound done at the beginning of the month. He has these done every 3 months since his tethered spinal cord surgery to make sure that his kidneys are functioning okay after the surgery. Sometimes nerves can be damaged during the surgery that can compromise the function of the kidneys. All of the ultrasounds have come back normal until this last one. The radiologist stated in the "findings" that there it was "questionable for early detection of medical renal disease". I had no idea what that even meant. Our peditrication had us make an appointment with a kidney specialist, a nephrologist. We had our appointment today. The doctor said that everything was fine and there was no indication that there was anything wrong with how his kidneys are functioning. The doctor said that the radiologist should not have put that on the report, they should have let the doctor make a diagnosis if there is one. What a relief. He said that we should come back in a year and do a follow up ultrasound then.

So they wanted to get a urine sample before we left just to do a work up and make sure that everything was normal. The nurse but a bag on Will when we got there. The bag fits over his penis and testicles and sticks to his skin around that area and catches the urine. I know, my thoughts exactly, yikes! When we were getting ready to leave I checked to see if he had went, no luck. He had not gone in over an hour! So we waited around for about 20 minutes with no luck. So the nurse said that he could just wear the bag home and then put it in a specimen cup and take it to our local lab tomorrow. Great, no big deal. I can handle that.

***WARNING- POOP TALK TO FOLLOW read at your own risk!

We got home, I got busy. He ended up having the bag on for another hour. I went to take it off and you are never going to believe it!!!! He had diarrhea!!! The child never has diarrhea and wouldn't you know this is the one time that he decided to get it! We usually play heck trying to get him to go! Lets just say that I didn't get a urine sample. I am going to have to call them in the morning and see what they want me to do.


Jessica said...

That is good news! All but the diarrhea part:)

Michelle said...

I've tagged you on my blog! Go see!