Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Did they just say Poop???

So Caroline was watching Nick jr. today after school and I got busy and forgot to change the channel when Spongebob came on. I normally don't let Caroline watch Spongebob because the little bit that I have watched it was vulger and not appropriate for a little girl to watch. I went to change it and Caroline begged me to leave it on because she was in the middle of the show. I agreed, not sure why, maybe because I didn't want to deal with the fit that would have occurred if I wouldn't have agreed. I then went about my business doing my house cleaning. I walked through the living room and heard them saying poop!!! I asked Caroline what they just said to which she proudly responded "poop". I quickly got the remote and changed the channel.

What the heck is wrong with people??!! Why do they think that this type of stuff is okay to have in CHILDREN'S cartoons? Give me a break, would ya?!

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Michelle said...

I totally agree with you. What ever happened to the great cartoons back in the day that just made you laugh at the silliness and not at the inappropriate words?!? Luckily, Austin is too engrossed in Veggie Tales for any age appropriate cartoons. =)