Sunday, December 30, 2007

Visited the ER last night

I took William to the ER at Cardinal Glennon last night because he threw up and it was very odd in color and texture. Since Will only takes in formula his vomit looks the same everytime, so we knew that it wasn't right and I had a flash back to the earlier episodes before the malrotation surgery.

Josh tube fed him 2 ounces at 6pm and then at 7pm he vomited what looked like chocolate milk. Usually if he is going to get sick after a feed it is within the first 10 minutes after the feed. So the fact that he waited an hour before getting sick was strange in itself. I immediately thought that it could be blood in the vomit. Josh didn't seem to be as worried as I was but he went along with my worry (I think to make me feel better).

I first called the Glennon Exchange where you phone and talk to a nurse and they give you advise on what to do. The nurse told me that I needed to take him in to be checked out due to his history. I knew that they would tell me to take him in, they hear g-tube and they immediately want him to be seen. We were on the road to St. Louis at 7:40pm and were at Cardinal Glennon by 8pm.

They took us back to a room right away and started the screening process. They wanted me to feed him again to see if he would vomit so that they could test it for blood. Oh, by the way, he was acting completely normal and smiling at all of the nurses and doctors that came into our room. What a ham bone!

I feed him another 4 ounces while we were there and he never vomited. They finally decided to take some stomach contents from his button and test it for blood. It showed no blood so they wanted to get a stool sample (yippie!). So the swabbed up there (I am not going to go into details on this part! ;-) They had to send the sample off to the lab and we will only hear from them if there was something abnormal.

By 10pm they were sending us home telling us it was probably just a fluke and that he probably just has a virus, which would have to run its course. ((SIGH))

I am not sure that it is just a virus. My gut is telling me differently, though I am not sure what may be going on. We have an appointment with Dr. Rahman tomorrow, his peditrician. So I am going to go over all of this with him and see if he has any thoughts. I am also going to call GI (Dr. Brady) in the morning and let them know what happened and see if they want us to do something. The vomiting needs to stop!!! Soon!

I have had an email and a phone call into our genetic nurse asking for a referral to an ENT (ear, nose and throat) specialist for 2 weeks and with the holidays have had no reply. Will has touble swallowing (not being able to keep food in his mouth while eating and always letting drool run out of his mouth) and I want the ENT to make sure that there is not something going on in his throat causing him to not be able to swallow properly.

So I may have had a moment of freaking out last night when I decided to take him to the ER. But I know that brown vomit is not right, even if the test says no blood. I hope that I make some progress with the ENT this week, we will see.

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