Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Sour Sucker

Will had therapy again today. Today he had speech and occupational therapy together. Ms. Patti (Speech) and Ms. Robyn (Occupational) come together a lot of the time so that they can work together on Will's feeding. He doesn't eat a lot by mouth. He does well with the spoon, but never consumes enough to make a difference in his daily intake. He usually only takes about 4-5 bites of baby food a day. A lot of what the therapists do overlap as far as oral stimulation, etc. They try to stretch out his cheeks because the muscles are really tight. They try to get him to use his tongue to work the food back in order to swallow.

Today, Ms. Patti and Ms. Robyn gave him a Nuk brush. It has little prickles on the end and he really enjoyed chewing on it. This is a picture of him with the brush. They also give him vibrating toys (a jiggler) and a vibrating spoon to "wake up" his mouth so to speak. He loves the vibration. They also tried other flavors with suckers, cheese whiz, puffs and baby food. He did pretty well today but was ready to get out of his high chair by the end.

Here is a picture of Will when they gave him a sour sucker. He face was priceless but he wanted more! That was today's therapy, we are done with therapy for the week!

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Cindy said...

LOL...Natalie loves dill pickles! I was so surprised that she would like something so sour!