Sunday, December 2, 2007

Birthday Party

Caroline was invited to her friend Avery's 4th birthday party on Sat. I would say that Avery is Caroline's best friend. She loves to go over to his house to play and she is non stop talking about him. They go to the same school, but in different classes, she is always coming home and telling me about Avery.

It was a Mickey Mouse themed party (right up Caroline's alley). Here is a picture of Caroline with Avery and another friend from school, Kendra.

Will went to the party too but he was much to interested in what Susie had in her cabinets to be bothered with the party.
He was quit literally in her cabinets! Opening and closing cabinets, doors and whatever else is his new favorite thing these days.
We all had a great time and Susie and Avery are wonderful hosts. Thanks for having us over! Happy Birthday Avery!

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