Thursday, July 5, 2007

Our Holiday

Hi Everyone!

I hope that you all had a great 4th of July! We had a great time, I took the kids to the Steeleville picnic and Parade. Caroline had a blast riding the rides on Tuesday night with James and Mikkah. When you see her next ask her about the roller coaster!! Her and James' faces were priceless!! But she got to ride the ferris wheel with Uncle Ryan and James and I think that was her favorite part of the whole evening! On the 4th we went to the parade and she got an entire Walmart bag full of candy!! She was so excited about all of her candy when she got to NaNa's house she dumped it all out on the floor and went through it all. She had to see what all she got!

During the parade she would stand and wave to all of the floats, it was too cute!
After the parade we went to Aaron's sister Shelly's house (Aaron is my sister Leslie's boyfriend). They have a pool and we all got to swim. They had some really awesome food and everyone had a really great time.

Josh had to work on the 4th so he was not able to go with us but on Friday we are heading to Santa Claus, Indiana for a wedding on Sat. But on Friday we are going to spend the day at Holiday World. I think that Josh is looking forward to spending some time with Caroline riding on the rides and going on the waterslides. Caroline has been talking about going to Holiday World since we told her about it in April! So, I guess, she is looking forward to going too!

Will is doing really well these days. His tube feedings are going well and the sight is healing really nice. Surprisingly, nothing too exciting is going on regarding Will's health at the moment! (A huge sigh of relief) I think that the entire family is welcoming a break from the hospital for awhile!

I will not be on the computer again until Sunday or Monday. I will let you all know how Holiday World goes then! Have a great weekend everyone!

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