Tuesday, June 26, 2007

We are home!!

The surgery went well. It was a really short procedure and he did really well. He was really fussy when he came to but he was just really hungry! After we fed him he settled down and got a little sleep.

This morning the surgeons came by to check him out and noticed that something may have been wrong with the button (the part that is on the outside of the skin). After looking at it, the balloon that is on the inside of his stomach had popped. They put in a new button then they took him to x-ray to make sure the the new button was in place and it was so he is fine. If the new button would not have been in the right spot they would have had to rush him back to surgery to fix it. (sigh) I am glad that everything was fine and nothing more had to be done. The doctor said "Bill looks great!" LOL!

We have to go back to the hospital on Friday to have the stitches removed and that is it. In 6 weeks we have to go back and they are going to teach Josh and I how to change the button at home because it has to be changed every 3 months. (not looking forward to that!!) I will post a picture of the button when I get a chance to get my camera out!

Thank you for all of your prayers!!

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