Friday, June 8, 2007

Our decision on the feeding tube

Hi All-

I think that Josh and I have decided that the g-tube is the right thing to do. We made an appointment to have Will admitted to the hospital on Tuesday of next week where they will insert the NG-tube (tube down the nose into the stomach) to make sure that he can tolorate the tube feedings. They will also be teaching Josh and I how to use the machine, care for the machine and care for the opening that will be in Will's stomach. They told me to expect to stay for at least 2 days then they will schedule for the g-tube procedure for the following week. In the mean time, Will will be coming home with the NG-tube until he gets the g-tube. He will also be placed on a heart monitor while sleeping so that if there is a problem during the night (choking, etc) then the alarm will sound. Josh and I are going to continue with the scheduled feedings until next Tuesday and if he has dramaticly impoved in his feedings then we will just cancel the hospital stay.

Josh and I feel that this is the best decision that we could make for Will and his happiness. We want him to be able to explore and be a kid without having me following him around all day sticking a bottle down his throat. We also think that the feeding tube will help him to get strong and healther for next winter and the flu season. With the tube we can keep him hydrated so we will be able to avoid hospital stays for IV fluids.

Will has had 2 doses of the Milk of Mag and has had a small amount of relief today but nothing that you would have expected. His belly feels hard so I know that he is compacted. I am going to give him another dose tonight and hope that he gets some relief by tomorrow morning. If there is no relief then I am going to call Dr. Rahman and let him know that there is nothing happening!

We are heading to Sparta tomorrow afternoon, so I will let you all know on Sunday what Dr. Rahman has to say. Have a great weekend!

Love to you all~

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