Thursday, June 14, 2007


Hi All-

We finally made it home today at around 1:30pm. Will is sporting a tube coming out of his nose and gobbs of tape on his face because he likes to pull the tube out! He is doing really well on the ng feedings. He is on a 3 hour schedule so I first bottle feed him and then what he doesn't eat by bottle he gets in his tube. We are giving him 3 1/2 ounces every 3 hours. Josh and I both learned how to but the tube in his nose (I was very reluctant, I did NOT want to do it, but Josh talked me into it). Will likes to pull it out so I am sure that we will both be getting lots of practice putting it back in. We had a good stay at the hospital but we are really glad to be home.

We also had another Modified Barium Swallow Study while we were there (a test to see if when he drinks or eats if food is going into his lungs). We had one done in Nov. and if you remember he was aspirating so we were having to thicken all formula with rice cereal and was constently worried about pneumonia. Well, a bit of good news, HE IS NOT ASPIRATING ANYMORE!!!! Yippie! We have stopped thickening the formula and he is doing great!

We are still planning on having the g-tube placed. The surgeon who did his last surgery will be doing the procedure. We talked with him today and he said that there should be no problem with putting in the g-tube. The surgeons at the hospital call Will "Bill" and it always makes me laugh. He doesn't even look like a "Bill" but I think it is cute when they call him that! The surgeons and the surgical residents were all really happy to see "Bill" and glad that he recovered so well from the last surgery. One of the residents even said that "Bill" was his favorite patient ever!! Too cute! We don't have a date for the g-tube procedure yet, but they will be calling within the next few days to get that set up.

Thanks for all of your well wishes and prayers. I will keep you all posted with how things go with the tube!

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