Monday, April 9, 2007

Tomorrow's Happenings

Tommorow Will is having a CT scan to check out this belly. While we were having an upper GI the doctors noticed that his intestines are not in the right places, so to get more information we are going to have the CT scan done. There is one place in his small intestine that is enlarged and rotated, they are most concerned about that.
We also see Dr. Swidler tomorrow (genetics). That should be an easy appointment, no poking or rough tests. Dr. Swidler sort of oversees all of the tests and/or appointments that William has. She has scheduled him for all of he precautionary test (EEG, kidney ultrasound, opthamologist, etc). We like to go see Dr. Swidler, she is a wonderful doctor.
Today we are just going to prepare for tomorrow's CT scan and pray that it all goes well.

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